PODCAST #068: Mum made me clean my room…


Okay, OK. I’m gonna apologise to most people upfront. This is not your standard SynthLords podcast. In a way i wanted to see if i could mix this stuff, and also if people would hate it so much i’d get death threats. Whereas most bloggers will tell you stories how they grew up on classic hip hop, or warehouse rave parties – i did my teenage years headnodding to Cali-punk and skating office blocks. Call it my guilty pleasure. call it my dark side. Call it Dr Jekyll and Mr STUART. The short version is when you’re clipping in at the top of the park, or about to bomb that hill, sometimes you need stuff like this… Don’t worry – it’s back to crunchy, choppy, synthy normal next time.

STUART #068: June 2008

Some Sense Of Security – Saosin
Free Again – Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Drive There Now – The Almost
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. – The Fall of Troy
We Want Guarantees – Closure In Moscow
I Need You – Relient K
Bloody Cape – Deftones
Lifer – Down
Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides – Pierce The Veil
Save Yourself – Ignite
No World For Tomorrow – Coheed & Cambria
Roses For The Dead – Funeral For A Friend
Webs I Weave – Escape The Fate
Buddy Holly – Weezer
Below One Hundred – On The Last Day
Shark Attack – Senses Fail
Music Box – Thrice
Streetlight – The Getaway Plan
New Dark Ages    Bad Religion
Idols And Anchors – Parkway Drive

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