PODCAST #072: Just not the same…


Pepsi, tofu, vibrators, AFL, Adam Sandler since Billy Madison, the new WRX, apprentice tattooists, Australian snow and the re-released McFeast – they’re alright, but it’s just not the same. Like listening to old mixes – it’s just not as fun as listening to new ones. Without further ado…

STUART #072: June 2008

You Are Danger (Romeo Erotic Remix) – Gary Low
Guess What – Revolte
Hold Me (Breakbot Remix) – Pacific!
Buzzin’ (Villains Remix) – Shwayze
Dangerous (Night Facilities Remix) – Busta Rhymes
Artificial – Kris Menace ft. Felix Da Housecat & Fred Falke
Bad Boy For Life (La Mode Remix) – P. Diddy
Lollipop (Yuksek Remix Extended) – Mika
Go Back (Le Castle Vania Remix) – GRUM
Rock It (Tepr Remix) – Rafale
I Feel Music In Your Heart (Lifelike & Kris Menace Remix) – Kris Menace
Sienna Miller – Noir Boys Club
Propane Nightmares (Van She Tech Remix) – Pendulum
Stand Back (JK because of HRO Edit) – Stevie Knicks
Mr Officer (CSK OK Remix) – Snob Scrilla
My Heart Is Set On You (Geek Chic’s Cardio Workout) – Heads We Dance
Rock This Park – Emynd
Juliette In The Spirits (Saint Pauli Remix) – B52s
Me Bota Pra Dancar (Database Midnight Remix) – Edu K ft. Marina
Take Me Home Tonight (Justin Kase Edit) – Eddie Money
This War – Amy Meredith

PODCAST #071: Things are heating up…


Well, not the weather maybe, but the action sure is. Bandits is back in full swing at Phoenix, the snow season is starting up (albeit very slowly), and the weekends are filled. Hell, TOMMYK and i might even sleep soon… Good times.

STUART #071: June 2008

Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G.
Return Of The Mack – Mark Morrison
No Sex For Ben – The Rapture
Lettre F – Cuizinier ft. Spankrock & Pase Rock
Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mr. Oizo Remix) – Jamie Lidell
Rich Girls – The Virgins
Motor – SebastiAn
Cat And The Eye (Van She Tech Remix) – Van She
Blackout – Revolte
A Link To The Past (RAC Mix) – RAC
Searching Flesh (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) – Dandi Wind
The Lights (Toxic Avenger Remix) – The Frail
Love To Edit – Crookers
Boxon Say Hello – Eclier
Arizona Limit (Sirhan’s Grand Canyon Remix) – Menowah
The Girl In Byakkoya (Beaufort Remix) – Susumu Hirasawa
Sparklin – La Chansons
Its A War – Dukes Of Windsor
No More Long Years (Radioclit Remix) – Matt & Kim
Minuteman’s Pulse – Mr. Oizo
Bust A Move (Don Rimini Ravekid Remix) – Young MC
Don’t Stop the Music (LAZRtag Remix) – Rihanna
Graveyard Girl (Yuksek Rmx) – M83
Bad (Mowgli Is Bad Remix) – Michael Jackson
Druggggssszzz (Edu K Remix ft. Wannabeastar) – Cowgum

PODCAST #070: Teenagers at heart (and minds)

4 buck chuck!

I saw those Frenchy hipsters The Teenagers at O.A.F last weekend. Awesome show. Awesome fun crowd. Reminded me of punk-rock gigs at Manly Youth Centre and All-Ages gigs at the Metro. Lots of enthusiasm, lots of drinking.

DAMN, i haven’t grown up much since i was a teenager. And I swear Stu has gotten LESS mature 😉


I’m offering a LIMITED EDITION PRIZE (value $5.79) to the first FIVE (5) people who can tell me what the kids are holding in the photo above. Leave your answer in the comments section.
Synth Lords Podcast #070 by TOMMYK
DJ Doc Rok Vs 50 Cent – Disco Inferno/Green Onion (Mashup)
Le Corps Mincede Fran̤ois РCool and bored
Tangerine Dream – Gemini
K.I.D – Don’t Stop
Pase Rack ft. Amanda Blank – Sexy MF (JAPATTACK mix)
True Pseudo – Flashbacks
Rafale – Rock it, don’t stop it
Boys Noize – NeOhPen (Danger Remix)
These Electric Lives – We Should Be Believing (Sta mix)
Tronik Youth – Laugh Cry Live Die (GRUM mix)
LAZRtag feat. Dani – Work is Play
We Are Scientists – Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix)
ShitDisco – 72 Virgins (The Bloody Beetroots mix)
CSK OK – Welcome to the club
Trans-X – Living on Video
Jupiter One – Countdown (Designer Drugs Mix)
The Teenagers – Make It Happen (The New Hit Mix)

PODCAST #069: Not quite what we wanted

Synth lords 69

Oooh…. Ok so we were hanging out for like, 2 weeks trying to come up with some ultra-clever concept for our #69 podcast. But the concept did not come freely. I mean, we only work in media and advertising, so it’s not like we can just produce these creative ideas that scream “SIXTY-NINE! HAHHAHAHAH” at the drop of a hat. So instead, we give you this.

Synth Lords Podcast #069 … by TOMMYK
Yaz – Situation
Doe Deere – One Touch
Annie – I Know ur girlfriend hates me (Get Shakes mix)
Hotlegs – Got 2 B
Doug E Fresh & Chew Fu – Shake Your Thang (Chew’s Blog Mix)
Don Diablo – Who’s Your Daddy (Act Yo Age mix)
Hotlegs – A Man Tonight
Yung Berg – Do That There (Counts of Bounce remix)
CSS – Alala (Billion Dollar DJs mix)
Bonde DO Role – Contaminada
Alphabeat – 10,000 Nights (Bimbo Jones mix)
Flou – Les gens pour ce qu’ils sont (Designer Drugs mix)
Hotlegs – A Man Tonight (contd.)
Moby – I love to move in here (Crookers crack mix)
Playdoe – It’s that beat (Toxic Avenger mix)
Quiero Club – Let da music

PODCAST #068: Mum made me clean my room…


Okay, OK. I’m gonna apologise to most people upfront. This is not your standard SynthLords podcast. In a way i wanted to see if i could mix this stuff, and also if people would hate it so much i’d get death threats. Whereas most bloggers will tell you stories how they grew up on classic hip hop, or warehouse rave parties – i did my teenage years headnodding to Cali-punk and skating office blocks. Call it my guilty pleasure. call it my dark side. Call it Dr Jekyll and Mr STUART. The short version is when you’re clipping in at the top of the park, or about to bomb that hill, sometimes you need stuff like this… Don’t worry – it’s back to crunchy, choppy, synthy normal next time.

STUART #068: June 2008

Some Sense Of Security – Saosin
Free Again – Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Drive There Now – The Almost
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. – The Fall of Troy
We Want Guarantees – Closure In Moscow
I Need You – Relient K
Bloody Cape – Deftones
Lifer – Down
Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides – Pierce The Veil
Save Yourself – Ignite
No World For Tomorrow – Coheed & Cambria
Roses For The Dead – Funeral For A Friend
Webs I Weave – Escape The Fate
Buddy Holly – Weezer
Below One Hundred – On The Last Day
Shark Attack – Senses Fail
Music Box – Thrice
Streetlight – The Getaway Plan
New Dark Ages    Bad Religion
Idols And Anchors – Parkway Drive