PODCAST #012: Dirty Dozen

This one goes to out Brooklyn’s finest, R.I.P Telly Savalas Ol’ Dirty …

TommyK #012 – November 2007

T.I.S.M. – (He’ll never be an) Ol’ Man River
Lions At your Door – Glass Bottles
Wu-Tang Clan – Tearz
Lalula – SupaBajo (Fuzzy Kerbox mix)
Operator Please – Song about ping pong (Kissy Sellout mix)
Tonite Only – This is where the party’s at (Dada Life mix)
Public Domain – Operation Blade
Wu-tang Clan – Ain’t nuthin to fuck with (Bird Peterson mix)
Seiji feat. MC Dolores – Todo Mundo
Se:Sa – Like This Like That (Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal mix)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy (V. Vogel Electro diskotech mix)
Unknown – Some random bootlegged Carioca Funk track from a beach CD
Sharon jones & The Dap Kings – Keep On looking (Kenny Dope mix)
Jill Scott – Hate on me (Reggaeton mix)
Snobia – Tchilo (Diplo mix)
Schooly D – Pussy Ain’t Nuthin’
Justice feat. Spank Rock – Thunderous Bumps (Thunderous Olympians mix)
Foxxy Brown – Art of War
Ol’ Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis – Got Your Money

PODCAST #011: It’s a trap!


STUART #011: November 2007

Watch out at the start if you didn’t grow up skating and listening to Swedish punk. Not unlike the image above, it might be a tad strong (and salty). Your ears can’t repel awesomeness of THAT magnitude…

New Noise (Shark Attack Remix) – Refused
Shine Shine (BUL!M!X) – Boys Noize
14h54 – Danger
N.A.S.A – Futurecop!
Freak (Bart B More Secured Dub) – Sandy Rivera & Haze
Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix) – Hybrid
Bubblegum (Hatchmatik Birdflu in June Remix) – Thunderheist
Outrageous (Felix Cartal Remix) – Britney Spears
Bonafide Lovin’ (LA Riots Remix) – Chromeo
Hands of Strangers (Yuksek Remix) – Teenage Bad Girl
Don’t Be On With Her (Ali 80’s On The FM Edit) – Miami Horror
Rock It – Villains
Fancy Footwork (Strip Steve’s Sleazy V Edit) – Chromeo
Never Zkared – Krazyfiesta
Flux (JFK Remix) – Bloc Party
Gangsters (Mike B SkaMore Edit) – The Specials

PODCAST #010: What would Boop do?


STUART #010: November 2007

Man… November’s one busy month. Multiple mixes, game releases and birthday bashs (some of which i didn’t ruin). Maybe i’ll sleep over Xmas. Here’s the next podcast, sprinkled with a bit of everything, Sorry Betty, this one’s for you!

Get ‘Em High (A-Trak Remix) – Kanye West ft. Common
Change – Joy Denalane ft. Lupe Fiasco
CV-209 – Alb
Meet Your Master (The Faint Remix) – Nine Inch Nails
Smell Yo Dick – Riskay ft. Aviance & Real
Let It Go (Kingdom’s 909 Remix) – Keyshia Cole
Is You – D.I.M.
Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus Remix) – Matt & Kim
Move Something (Mat Payne Edit) – 2LiveCrew
Poison (Tittsworth Remix) – Bel Biv Devoe
Big Love – Fleetwood Mac
Commando Redial – Ghetto Ruckus
Can’t Juke Without Me (Tactic Re-edit) – Tampa Tony
Ring Of Fire (Night Facilities Remix) – Johnny Cash
Starlett Johansson (Les Petits Pilous Remix) – The Teenagers
Kryptobounce – Klever
Closed Eyes (Tybalt remix) – Cut Off Your Hands
Don’t Start No Shit (Klever VIP Mix) – Youngbloodz ft. Lil’ John

PODCAST #009: It’s a yard sale round here!

Lords Of The Synth Podcast 009

TOMMYK #009: November 2007

I was a bit too tired to really get that Gym Class Heroes track right over the CFCF bassline, but it works in theory. And theory never hurt anyone. Also, I wanted those two Stuart Price/Jacques Lu Cont-esque scando vocalist tracks (Robyn, Annie) in the middle, but they got left out, so that’s some true wedding DJ mixing right there at the end for you.

  1. Imagination – Just an illusion
  2. MGMT – Electric Feel
  3. Justice (feat. Mos Def & Spank Rock) – D.A.N.C.E (Benny Blanco mix)
  4. Dead Prez – Hell Yeah (Jay-Z remix)
  5. I Will Shank You For a Penny – On and On
  6. Mandy Kane – Murder In The Daylight (Van She Tech mix)
  7. Mel Merio – Domino Dancing (club mix)
  8. Simian Mobile Disco – I Got This Down (Night Facilities mix)
  9. Krames – How We Do It Over Hurrrr
  10. Chromeo – Needy Girl (VNDLSM mix)
  11. Dany Boss – By Alibi
  12. Junior/Senior vs. Lil Jon – Can I Get Low
  13. Diplo vs. The Beatles – Shake it up (Twist & Shout)
  14. Hatchmatik – Burn it down (Burn down the club mix)
  15. CFCF – Explorers
  16. Gym Class Heroes – Cupid’s Chokehold
  17. Kleerup feat. Robyn – With every Heartbeat (Punks Jump Up mix)
  18. Ercola feat. Annie – Follow me (Lifelike mix)

PODCAST #008: …is worth sixteen in the bush


STUART #008: November 2007
Me and U (Eli Banger Remix) – Cassie
B.Boy Underground – Digikid-84
B.Boy Underground (Culture Prophet Remix) – Digikid-84
Gimme More (DJ Weekend’s Exposed Vajayjay Remix) – Britney Spears
Cherry-Cola Funk (Sta Mix) – Hail Social
Come True Tonight (Dub Mix) – Treasure Fingers
Bonafied Lovin (Riot in Belgium Remix) – Chromeo
Test Pattern (Cut Copy/Riot In Belgium Remix) – Damn Arms
Drugs in My Body (Designer Drugs Remix) – Thieves like Us
Oh I Like (Whitenoise Remix) – Like Woah!
I Still Remember (Speaker Junk Bass Bin Remix) – Bloc Party
The Devil (Alex Metric Mix) – The Rapture
Boombox Clip (LA Riots Remix) – Kylie Minogue
Transformers – Futurecop!
22 Grand Job (Filthy Dukes Society Mix) – The Rakes
Greel Days – The Cure vs SebastiAn
In Da Au (Dirty) – Kicks Ft. Prince Rob & John J.

PODCAST #007: I feel the need, the need for…


…another mix. You can almost smell the festive (and festival) season now can’t you?

STUART #007: November 2007
Strokin’ – Dynasty
Girls Gone Wild (DJ Weekend’s Wetter Than A Storm Remix) – Ludacris
FUNK (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) – Etienne De Crecy
Exiled (Miami Horror Remix) – Codebreaker
Bounce – Speaker Junk
Alice Practice (Futurecop! Remix) – Crystal Castles
The Way I Are (Haydn Haydn Remix) – Timbaland
Electric Soca (Crookers Remix) – Rodion
Kaspersky – Spitzer
Get Up (Herve Gets Down Remix) – Elektrons ft. Pete Simpson & Soup
The Game (Fabian Remix) – Alex Gopher
Kill The Power (Toxic Avenger Remix) – Snowden
Putting Holes In Happiness (Boys Noize Remix) – Marilyn Manson
Running Away (Mstrkrft Remix) – Space Cowboy

PODCAST #006: We be clubbin…

LORDS OF THE SYNTH - 006 - Clubbin

TOMMYK #006: November 2007

  1. Ice Cube (ft. DMX and Dre) – We Be Clubbin
  2. Herve – Rocky Raver
  3. My!Gay!Husband! – Feist vs. Hollywoodholt
  4. P.O.P – We Do It All Night
  5. Damn Arms – Homewrecker (Passions Mix)
  6. Stuffa & Andy (ft. Mapei) – Pretty Girls
  7. Omnikrom – Bouger Bouger
  8. Coffee – Miami Crime
  9. Tegan & Sarah – Back in your head (Tyler Fedchuk’s mix)
  10. MC Rony & MC Baby – Gandaia
  11. Bizarre Inc – Playing with Knives (L-Vis 1990 Baltimore Mix)
  12. Bangers & Cash – B.O.O.T.A.Y
  13. Harrison Schaaf – Zombie Outbreak
  14. VHS or Beta – Burn it all down (Surkin mix)
  15. Ice Cube (ft. DMX and Dre) – We Be Clubbin (Shook Ones mix)

PODCAST #005: Is alive…


Another day, another mix. I hope people don’t get too used to this super regular updates stuff. I plan on being waaaaay lazier later…

STUART #005: November 2007
Lo Sforzo (The Stress) – Ocelot
By The Time (DJ Nastique’s Space Cowboy Mix) – Grand National
Slice Of Heaven – Dave Dobbin
Thrilla – Villains
Watch Your Step (Krazy Fiesta remix) – Juvelen
I Can Cook (Miami Horror remix) – Grafton Primary
Fire (Sta Remix) – Joe Budden
Halloween (Cousin Cole vs. Flufftronix Remix) – Misfits
Shawty Is A 10 (Mano Remix) – The Dream
Bang Bang (Yuksek remix) – Naive New Beaters
Nightmoves (Knife Machine Remix) – Lost Valentinos
Hunting for Witches (Villains Electro-Banger Remix) – Bloc Party
Down Down Down (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) – The Presets
I Say You Can’t Stop (Data Remix) – Nelson
Bouncy Ball (Bloc Party’s Sympathy Tranny Remix) – Ladyfuzz

PODCAST #004: Tag me in


Hot tip: DON’T search for “tag team” in Google images if you don’t have safe search switched on.

Hey hey it’s YourDJTommyK coming to you on the wheels of silicon. I have prepared an electro-parisi-miami-booty-rave inspired stolen music mix for you to download onto your International Business Machine.

TOMMYK #004: November 2007

  1. Tag Team – Whoomp! (There it is)
  2. AC Slater – Bassline Time
  3. Bo$$ in Drama – Kryptonite Pussy (Bo$$ vs. Yo Majesty Mix)
  4. Armand Van Helden feat. OxyCottontail – Playmate (Jesse Rose Mix)
  5. Tone Loc – Wild Thing
  6. 2 Live Crew – We Want Some Pussy
  7. DJ Blaq Starr – Shake it to the Ground
  8. The Slips – Cadillac Crash
  9. Public Enemy – Bring the Noise (Benny Benassi mix)
  10. Bo$$ In Drama – Shake
  11. VNDLSM – Uh Oh! (Destiny’s Child track demolition)
  12. Sleazy V – On Your Knees
  13. Junior Senior – Can I Get Get Get
  14. The Millioners – Most Sexiest Music
  15. Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Scratch
  16. L’il Mama – Lip Gloss (Krazyfiesta mix)
  17. L’il John w/ 3-6 Mafia vs. Zombie Nation – Act A Fool (Flosstradamus’ Ravestradamus Mix)
  18. Status Quo – Johnny & Mary
  19. High Voltage Humans – Heated Hearts
  20. The Ropes – Killer (The Scar Lemmy remix)
  21. Designer Drugs – Fuck Yeah
  22. To My Boy – Type 1/Type 2
  23. He Say, She Say – Modesty Is Key

PODCAST #003: Make mine a triple


As promised – on time and generally on beat. The downward spiral never sounded so powerfully average (yet mildly enjoyable). TommyK’s contribution coming soon…

STUART #003: November 2007
Jump (Customised by D*L*i*d) – Kris Kross
Fais Rentrer Les Euros (Unreleased Audioporno Remix) – M.I.T.C.H. ft. Uffie & Feadz
Flashing Lights (Mano Uptempo Remix) – Kanye West
Nil By Mouth (Reprise) – Bag Raiders
The Way I Are (T-Wrecks Remix) – Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.
Late Night Session (Phones Filter Fromage Dub) – Ali Love
Stardust vs Nirvana – DJ Neoteric
Amazing (Thin White Duke Main) – Seal
Cheap Thrills (Original Mix) – Herve
Don’t Be Shy (Speaker Junk remix) – Spektrum
Go Mr Sunshine (Punks Jump Up Remix) – Remi Nicole
Dangerseekers (Rolf Honey Remix) – Kap10kurt
Sex In The Kitchen (Jeansbjorn Remix) – R. Kelly
Bump Uglies (Stupid Fresh ‘Wizards In Oz’ Mix) – Bass Kleph
Idealistic (Culture Prophet Remix) – Digitalism
Mammoth (Erol Alkan Remix) – Interpol
Penis vs Vagina (Lies In Disguise Remix) – Party Shank

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